Adult Life

by scroungyglammer

Recently , while chilling with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long-assed time , I mentioned that I was going back to school in the fall , to which they replied “It’s great you’re getting back on track, soon you’ll have a real adult life.” I laughed it off , grabbed the beau and hightailed it outta there.

It was the most insulting thing anyone had said to me in years and having been the singer in a noise rock band, I’m no stranger to insult. I certainly don’t feel that my life has ever really been off any track , to the contrary , I feel like shit’s going pretty groovy. I suppose a time comes in any #artlife , where you realize some of your more 9-5 friends think you are a fucking loser. A big one. Without being in debt , legal troubles or addicted to anything harder than coffee , you are a certified fuck up for not having outgrown your desire to _______. When you are in your 20’s it’s generally family that fills that role , now I have friends former friends who wanna make me feel horrible for what exactly? Prioritizing making making work over making money?

It’s got me thinking 2 things , 1) that I never need to talk to that person again and 2) how exactly does an “adult life” look when one is a full time artist? I keep looking at my friends who are visual artists , who are musicians and I’m pretty sure they are all adults , leading adult lives. I guess the third question would be 3) Why do so many people equate adulthood with spending large amounts of time doing dull things and owning real estate? #artlife is sometimes a grind , I imagine most things are , it’s my life , I’m pretty sure I’m an adult ( with my life “on track” no less) and I’m stoked about 95% of the time that I’m awake. When I not stoked it’s usually ’cause my cat shat on the floor or because I’m reading the news.

In the stairwell of the building where the studio lives. Dress Sarah made , Keds from Winners , 18$. OCC lip tar in Pretty Boy on the face.

The best medicine for any type of existential dilemma is preventative , it’s too not spend time with assholes.