by scroungyglammer

Cotton dress , pharaonic motif. Traded for scones at clothing swap back in the winter. Handmade sandals from Siamese Dream Design on Etsy , 35$. Earrings from H&M , cheap. Bracelet , dealt with latter.


Ontario plums are in season. Blouse , Cheap Opulance. It’s all about the accessories really.

Birthday gift last year from Alex and Jess , made and og sold in Egypt , bought in a thrifty in Montreal.

Here’s a necklace Tammer brought me back from Egypt , gripped in a bazaar in Cairo? Or was it Alexandria? It’s plastic. Friends’ academic research brings me bling.

Mr snake didn’t like being photographed close-up on my wrist , he preferd chilling on some books about jazz. Another bauble from Tammer’s travels in Egypt.

Almost everything in these pics was given to me. Thanks pals. You help me look ridiculous glamorous.

Here’s a great article on who outsourcing of labor hurts ,fashion edition . Hint : it’s not the CEOs.