Found in Arizona

by scroungyglammer

Almost 2 years ago , on tour with the band , we took a day off in Phoenix at the request of a friend there at when he went to work , we hit the thrifties.
I found this necklace at a Salvation Army for a dollar.
With sarcophagus charms bought from a street vendor in Vienna for 5€ each.

In context. Silk blouse and rayon skirt both from MCC thrift shop in Winnipeg, 2$ and 1.50$ respectively. Dig the patern on the skirt , MCC is pretty much the best and cheapest thrifty ever , Winnipeg = fashion town , who knew? Blazer from Cheap Opulance , lipstick is OCC lip tar in Banjee . Alex’s ex keyboard , lurking. Got sold at the garage sale.

Wore it again today w/ silk tee I gripped at the Sally Ann in Sherbrooke for 1$ and then tie dyed ’cause I’m like that. zShorts from Cheap Opulance , belt from Local 23 10$ , bracelet from H&M 2$ , eyes are wearing MAC eyeshadow in Orange. I’m no longer buying MAC products as they are now selling in China and testing on animals. Fuck you , MAC. Friendship necklace is selfmade , they keep multiplying. Notice how my boots are untied in both pics , such a slob.

In contrast to my 1$ secondhand necklace , my favorite atheist blogger , Greta Christina has some stuff to say about fashion , money and $ privilege.