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Month: August, 2012


My Studiomate Jacinthe got this killer patch in Mexico.

And I got this tomato at P.A
Barry M nailpaint in Turquoise topped with Wet n’ Wild Party of Five Glitters.

In pro-ing up news , the beau and I now have gallery representation for the #artlife. That’s pretty awesome for us on lots of levels but it does mean that we will no longer be selling our prints and posters ourselves out of the studio or online shop. Our Etsy shop is closing down for good this evening, if you ever wanted to grip anything , grip it now. Changes are coming, life is pretty cool.


Adult Life

Recently , while chilling with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long-assed time , I mentioned that I was going back to school in the fall , to which they replied “It’s great you’re getting back on track, soon you’ll have a real adult life.” I laughed it off , grabbed the beau and hightailed it outta there.

It was the most insulting thing anyone had said to me in years and having been the singer in a noise rock band, I’m no stranger to insult. I certainly don’t feel that my life has ever really been off any track , to the contrary , I feel like shit’s going pretty groovy. I suppose a time comes in any #artlife , where you realize some of your more 9-5 friends think you are a fucking loser. A big one. Without being in debt , legal troubles or addicted to anything harder than coffee , you are a certified fuck up for not having outgrown your desire to _______. When you are in your 20’s it’s generally family that fills that role , now I have friends former friends who wanna make me feel horrible for what exactly? Prioritizing making making work over making money?

It’s got me thinking 2 things , 1) that I never need to talk to that person again and 2) how exactly does an “adult life” look when one is a full time artist? I keep looking at my friends who are visual artists , who are musicians and I’m pretty sure they are all adults , leading adult lives. I guess the third question would be 3) Why do so many people equate adulthood with spending large amounts of time doing dull things and owning real estate? #artlife is sometimes a grind , I imagine most things are , it’s my life , I’m pretty sure I’m an adult ( with my life “on track” no less) and I’m stoked about 95% of the time that I’m awake. When I not stoked it’s usually ’cause my cat shat on the floor or because I’m reading the news.

In the stairwell of the building where the studio lives. Dress Sarah made , Keds from Winners , 18$. OCC lip tar in Pretty Boy on the face.

The best medicine for any type of existential dilemma is preventative , it’s too not spend time with assholes.


And in totally depressing fashion/misogyny news.


Cotton dress , pharaonic motif. Traded for scones at clothing swap back in the winter. Handmade sandals from Siamese Dream Design on Etsy , 35$. Earrings from H&M , cheap. Bracelet , dealt with latter.


Ontario plums are in season. Blouse , Cheap Opulance. It’s all about the accessories really.

Birthday gift last year from Alex and Jess , made and og sold in Egypt , bought in a thrifty in Montreal.

Here’s a necklace Tammer brought me back from Egypt , gripped in a bazaar in Cairo? Or was it Alexandria? It’s plastic. Friends’ academic research brings me bling.

Mr snake didn’t like being photographed close-up on my wrist , he preferd chilling on some books about jazz. Another bauble from Tammer’s travels in Egypt.

Almost everything in these pics was given to me. Thanks pals. You help me look ridiculous glamorous.

Here’s a great article on who outsourcing of labor hurts ,fashion edition . Hint : it’s not the CEOs.

Trey Wouldn’t Think Much Of This Post

Master of Puppets shirt from some metal store in suburban Austin , gift from the beau. Same gungy cut off cords I wear like 4 days a week , beau’s cast offs.Fishnets from Winners, 1$ (score! , I bought 4 pairs.) , crazy blazer from Cheap Opulance. Sarah knows my weaknesses for blazers and jumpsuits and anything ridiculous. braided chain is from a Value Village somewhere in Saskatchewan and was 1$ , touring thrugh that part of Canada was only good for thrifting. Lipstick is OCC liptar in Katricia (discontinued shade).

Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel on Metallica shirts , 1991.

Found in Arizona

Almost 2 years ago , on tour with the band , we took a day off in Phoenix at the request of a friend there at when he went to work , we hit the thrifties.
I found this necklace at a Salvation Army for a dollar.
With sarcophagus charms bought from a street vendor in Vienna for 5€ each.

In context. Silk blouse and rayon skirt both from MCC thrift shop in Winnipeg, 2$ and 1.50$ respectively. Dig the patern on the skirt , MCC is pretty much the best and cheapest thrifty ever , Winnipeg = fashion town , who knew? Blazer from Cheap Opulance , lipstick is OCC lip tar in Banjee . Alex’s ex keyboard , lurking. Got sold at the garage sale.

Wore it again today w/ silk tee I gripped at the Sally Ann in Sherbrooke for 1$ and then tie dyed ’cause I’m like that. zShorts from Cheap Opulance , belt from Local 23 10$ , bracelet from H&M 2$ , eyes are wearing MAC eyeshadow in Orange. I’m no longer buying MAC products as they are now selling in China and testing on animals. Fuck you , MAC. Friendship necklace is selfmade , they keep multiplying. Notice how my boots are untied in both pics , such a slob.

In contrast to my 1$ secondhand necklace , my favorite atheist blogger , Greta Christina has some stuff to say about fashion , money and $ privilege.