Picnics, Bike Trips & Draw, Draw , Draw!

by scroungyglammer

I always feel nostalgic in the summer, thinking of every fun thing I’ve ever done when the weather is nice and try to find away to get as much of that fun in my current one while staying uber productive. As an avid winter hater , I feel a responsibility verging on pressure to enjoy the warmth. I want to say this summer is especially intense , artwork wise , but thinking back it seems every summer for the past decade has been so.
Life is groovy, life is great. The beau and I are in the prelim phase for 3 major exhibitions so that means we’ve just been drawing nonstop since our return from Winnipeg (what we did there , btw)an it’s groovy and great. Listening to podcasts loudly to drown out the neighbors non-stop stoop hangs, drinking enough iced green tea to have perma-shakes , loving the Pilot sign pen for inking. Massive, massive fucking print sesh looming. I feel the rest of the summer will be very inky.
Sometimes I leave the drawing table, 3 picnics in the past week, count ’em.

Shorts , blouse , blazer from Cheap Opulance , belt from Local 23 , 10$.Lips , OCC lip tar in NSFW. Georges is totally unfazed as I demo the latest trend, cat as hat.

Linen tank acquired in swap , cut offs from boyfriend’s thrifted cords , selfmade necklace , belt from The Gap was 4$ in boxing day sale.

Maybe you live in Montreal and have the urge to get inky or painty or something-or-othery? We are looking for an awesome studiomate.