The Nightime is The Biketime

by scroungyglammer

Last night my pal Walter Scott had a wee party to show off his window display at the very fancy(you should seeeeee all the floral dresses! Yum!) Citizen Vintage. The window was filled with ephemera of his comic Wendy. Or as it could be subtitle , the misadventures of a 20-something Montreal art world spazz. If you went to art school or hung out with folks who did , you know a or several Wendys. Maybe you are or where Wendy? I was for a while in my youth before i got it together but it seems Wendydom is always just a flail away.

Here’s an interview with Walter in Vice , on Wendy. You can buy the comic from his Etsy shop for 8 bones. 60 pages , total scrounge value.

On the ride home. Rayon romper and sequin belt both from-where else ? Cheap Opulance. Bag from Little Burgundy, matching lips are wearing OCC Liptar in Safety Orange. I’m wrestling with my self control cause I don’t *need* new makeup , I can’t really *afford* new makeup but I *want* the new OCC concealer so intensely, I’m afraid I might have some psychological disorder. Has anyone gripped that shit yet?