#artlife , Winnipeg edition

by scroungyglammer

I just got back from Winnipeg, hanging our 6th exhibition of 2012. Whenever I think of my own #artlife or #scroungyjammer lifestyles , I often wonder how the fuck the “pros” manage. ‘Cause as an artist just one step above nobody, it seems like I’m always rushing to go somewhere or just coming back and getting to work on the next project. It seems people actually in demand must never sleep and always be heading to 3 zones at a time. I couldn’t be more pleased about jet setting to exotic locales like Rimouski , Winnipeg and Calgary , staying in hotels and mounting huge installs, chilling with cool cats and raiding all thrifties.

Drooled on my friends’ beautiful house, met the cutest dog in Manitoba, made new pals , got hosted in style by inspiring old pals , coffee dates with curators, gallery crawls and oh yeah , showed our own stuff but seeing a pelican up close was perhaps the best part. Afucking pelican! I came home with a shredder , a sunburn and a copy of Keith Richards’ Life. & a pile of clothes that was all in the 1$-3$ range.

Just hanging out with some of our work. Leggings from Simon’s 15$ , blouse from Renaissance 5$ , blazer swapped from Cheap Opulance , boots from Osborn , bracelets from Senegal Style (soooo cheap!) , make some friendship necklaces yourself , get friends to give em too.

The gallery we showed at had a sculpture gardens , these Michel De Broin ghosts where in in it , haunting up St Boniface. Silk tank top from Winnipeg Value Village , 3$ , skirt Cheap Opulance encore , hoops from a thrifty in Rimouski for a hot 99¢, tights from Winners , 4$. The director of the gallery asked if my crooked glasses where intentional , nope , I just happened to sit on them!