Ladies Of The Hallway

by scroungyglammer

2 ladies I love who have awesome style , in the hallway. Janky pics an’ everything.

Karine Cossette is a visual artist and all around badass. One of my favorite people who’s pretty much a pro at everything she tries (check the jams) , including looking awesome. Her blouse is from Shangrilalaland via an Old Wig vintage sale , 20$, and her jeans were 5$ at Renaissance & then modded.

Valerie Martino is better known as Unicorn Hard-On her tech-noise alterego of heavy and harsh beats. She played here recently and I’m hoping her move to Providence will mean more bode crossings. A true woman of mystery , Val didn’t tell me where she got her threads but the ombre hair and leopard on leopard are pretty much all you need to know.