Take Me To Your Dealer

by scroungyglammer

You might have noticed that at least 1/2 of what I wear is from Cheap Opulance , well now Sarah is set up in the same building as me , just 4 floors down. Trouble is brewing.

Here the wizard master is in her zone of fabulous clothes.

As sartorial amazingness is just one of the many tools need to pursue my goal of international art star it’s a lucky coincidence that she seems to need all the screenprints , much in the same way that I require all the clothing.

Janky pics of racks of excellence, can you guess what 2 items in this pic are now mine?

I tried this dress on and it didn’t fit but you should buy it. Psychedelic cotton smock. 3 words that go together like whoa.

You can’t spend time in a spot like that and leave empty handed.

Pants and tee shirt both from Cheap Opulance. Lipstick is my own special homebrew , line to come. Vegan Docs can be bought in Montreal at X20 , I would like to request to Dr Martens shoes on behalf of all vegan ladies , vegan high heeled boots pretty please! The manfriend hates these pants , increasing my own love for them.

At twilight. This blazer from Cheap Opulance was literally thrust into my hands. Tee shirt from one of my fave bands , Puffy Areolas from Cleaveland. All the shirts of this batch were hand drawn with fabric markers , thanks Damon , you are the best. Everything else has already been posted.

And speaking of dealers , yesterday I was a dealer in my own right when a few studiomates and I got together to have a print sale/ open house. It was low key and pretty fun with friends and strangers stopping by. A lil’ experiment on our behalf to see how well we could do on the weekend of the big craft fair , well turns out we can do way better in our own studio and have a generally more mellow , more personal time. No lugging stuff around , no table fees , no waking up early, no music blasting out conversation and doublewide strollers shoving browsers aside. Yes on lingering , conversation , free jazz , tons and tons of iced teas and showing out work in progress to fellow artists. Go us.

Right now I’m looking for vests of all types to wear over my insane collection of band tshirts. Will be stalking the Winnipeg thriftys.