Plain Jane

by scroungyglammer

Various outfits from the past 2 weeks , mostly looking kinda dorky.

I think I was trying to pull a bored face but instead I look like a walker, great.
Skirt I gripped in the ‘sauga at Goodwill for 2.50 (half off days are the happiest days) , blouse is Frip-Prix in my ‘hood , 4.99$ gripped it back in March and have worn it at least 12 times since , it’s so me. Vintage beret 99¢ at Salvation Army downtown.Belt was 4$ at a thrifty in Austin , picked by the boyfriend who seems to want me to dress like Stevie Nicks as he’s always picking out capes , ponchos and beaded things. No complaints. Cardi , also from Verdun Frip-Prix , 5$ , bought it back in 06 an wore it exclusively for a few years , pulled out of rotation but now it’s back in since I got a sweater shaver for giftmas this year. Highly essential gadget if a) you like sweaters and b)you want to still wear them without being ashamed more than 6 years after thrifting and c) you don’t believe in drycleaners. Machine wash forever.
Oh I assembled the necklace out one I thrifted and random broken jewels from the floor/street.

I’ve already post each item I’m wearing here but both sweater and blouse are from Frip-Prix (Mile End and Verdun respectively), shorts are cutoffs from the boyfriends cords that he had to buy at Salvation Army to be in a men’s choir of shirtless white pants. Black lips = OCC in Tarred.

Everything (blazer , belt , jupsuit) is from Cheap Opulance except from the necklace Connie from Nutcase Fashion traded me.

Same outfit hard at work:

In the lift ,

I do love that skirt , I do.Blouse , Cheap Opulance (she has nice stuff) , coat Sally Ann in Birmingham ,7$ , I loooooove it so , cardi , Sally Ann in suburban Calgary, 4$ , from Sears back in the day, self mad friendship necklaces , I’ve posted this a billion times but voila , make your own .Shoes from Payless 2 years ago . Lipstick is Wet n’ Wild Megalast in Purty Persimmon. I’m really digging the formula on the Megalast it seems to stay put better than anything else I’ve every tried. They are vegan, cheap and surprisingly high performance. Cruelty Free Face lists all the Wet and Wild products that are vegan.

Probably the most terrifying picture to be posted on a “style” blog? I thought about not posting but it seems too ugly not to. I think I was laughing or having a brief interlude of demonic possession , the other pics are way worse. Blouse I gripped at some filthy thrifty in Sherbrooke last week for 1.50$. Blazer that I’ve been wearing since 2004. It has a burn on it , various stains , is probably too small , I love it. Bought at Salvation Army on Notre Dame , ?$? Pink jeans bought from the devil, 10$ (boxing day).

The Toronto gig was Saturday and it was the best possible last gig, so many peeps in the zone it felt like an episode of This Is Your Life. It was what I hoping for with the Montreal show , I was seriously touched having so many folks I love and respect there. We didn’t get back to Kya’s house until after 4 , the hang sessions were so long. In life, often what I wish for in Montreal , I get in Toronto. I keep thinking I should move there but I have A LOT of books and records , maybe I should apply to York once I’m done playing catch up.

Here’s a eulogy from a guy I don’t know who takes some nice pics .

Here’s a write up from a lady I don’t know who seems to know my friend Daniel.
The men of Child Abuse always bring a good gig and a good brunch hang , this time was no exception.

Already I find myself feeling slightly nostalgic, more than that though , I’m pumped to do other stuff. Heading to Rimouski tomorrow morn , then as soon as we get back it’s a mad dash to get the last bits and bobs ready for our exhibition in Winnipeg. Tried to sculpt with supplies from the hardware store , realized we have to make the trip to the ‘burbs to the sculpture and casting supply place.