“So , how was the show?”

by scroungyglammer

Is something I’m not going to miss hearing. It’s always a special torture for a neurotic to play local gigs and then be faced with that question over the next week or 2 every time I venture out of my hobbit hole. It often comes from friends and acquaintances who never, ever hit my gigs. I’ve always been tempted to say “If you cared you would be been there.” Instead, I smile and say something like “oh it was a gig , lots of randos , so-and-so got naked/drunk/covered in fake blood”. You know , typical gig. It’s draining ’cause if you are insane like I probably am, after 14 years of living and gigging in Montreal, local gigs always make me notice who isn’t there. It’s dumb but it’s true and is one of the reasons retirement will be good for my mind. Not like I’m not a giant hypocrite who only hits 1/10 of the gigs I wanna see myself. Neurosis knows no logic, no reason.

On the eve of the last ever AIDS Wolf gig I can say , yeah the Montreal show was a gig. Lots of randos, Fannie & Maude from Souffle got covered in fake blood.
I had no idea who 3/4 of the crowd was but a few heads drove up from Ottawa and Toronto and that makes for some warm fuzzies.
No pic of the most important detail , what I wore, but Laura Crapo caught the set on video so that earth shattering question can be answered. Plus jams.

THE TIME IS NOW episode 8, AIDS WOLF live at casa del popolo, montrèal. Last montreal show. video by Laura Crapo

The beau and I are kinda camping in our apartment while the landlord takes his sweet time repairing our destroyed kitchen and damaged bathroom , bedrooms. Everything is piled into the office and living room and I’m just caught in the mosh. Going to Rimouski to hang our show and I’ve never been so excited to go en région, hopefully hit a triffty or 2. I’m feeling gold after scores in Sherbrooke 2 silk blouses for 1.50 each and an arm full of bangles for the same. No matter I’m busted and so is my home , retail theraphy for a few loonies is just what the doctor ordered.

I’d never posted what I wore to the fancy museum benefit I was all stressin’ about so here it is. It was weird cause except for the other artists and curators, everyone looked like an aspiring extra for Sex in the City or something. Lots of bodycon and 8 inch heels. We left pretty early.

Blouse and shorts both from Cheap Opulance , Sarah suggested both for the event cause I think I said I wanted to look like a lady from a late 70’s early 80’s Woody Allen movie (merci Sarah!). Tights and shoes from Simons’ , tights were under 5$ , that’s how I roll , the shoes were bought to wear to a fancy art opening we had in Vienna and felt decadently expensive at 45$. I’d wear them more if they didn’t hurt. Double silver chain doing something cool with the crazy collar , got it at a resale shop some fellow jammers had in Sacto in trade for some art. Belt , Gap 4$ (boxing day FTW). Tired expression = earned from a day at the stude and a night on the town.