A One Woman Grievance Comitte , Come on Down to Noise Park and Meet Some (Dude) Friends of Mine..

by scroungyglammer

Long time no post , over the past 2 weeks my computer died twice and the most disgusting thing possible happened to my apartment. My upstairs neighbor’s shower leaked , causing my ceiling to fall in. This is not the disgusting part , this has happened about 13 times in the 9 years I’ve lived in my current zone. The disgusting part is this , the landlord slumlord sawed out the part in the ceiling and the next day set out to fix the leak. Somehow , the “repair” involved busting the pipe for my neighbor’s toilet. You can probably imagine where this is going. If you can’t , it’s my kitchen literally filled with piss , shit and tp. Turns out that every time they flushed upstairs , it sprayed all over my kitchen. By the time I came home from the studio there was a half inch covering the floor. Dealing with a lot of shit.

Anyway , I’m currently in Sherbrooke with the men. Doing a short residency with the band before it dies. Staying in a hotel , having per diems , pretending my life is slightly glam. This kinda shit has only happened I think 2 other times in the life of this band. Talking about Noise Park on the internet with my noise friends.

Now if you spend anytime on the internet and have an interest in the nebulous musical genre “noise” (the term is about as useful as “punk” or “indie” at this point) and it’s various sub-genres and mutations , you’ve probably seen this blog. If you haven’t you should. It’s hilarious.
Olson’s is one of the more spot-on one but he should have a shopping cart or some maracas.

Scroungy jammers done up as South Park characters. People I’ve toured with , gigged with , who have crashed on my floor in less exploding upstairs toilet times , or who’s floor I have crashed on (Rat probably has the bet pad out of them all) , look and have a laff with the crew. Until you notice it’s almost exclusively men. That in several cases where a band has both men and women in it , the dude is solo. It ‘s weird and because of the humor of the site it almost feels stupid or petty to call out the sexism but there you go. Probably unintentional but it’s often the case and is a side effect of systematic male privilege. Women being less visible , women’s contributions glossed over and viewed as less than.

Why are the ladies pushed out in this representation of a scene filled with fierce women?

Where do we go from here? How can “noise” be an attractive sonic space for younger ladies when representations tend to that of a boys club? Why do male artists for whom “noise” is a pretty big strech get in , but not many of the ladies running the show? More than seeing my badass female jammer pals featured on a comedic blog , I’d like to see women not on the margins of underground culture in general.

My OWN jams have been killer , we are fucking around with a whole new set up for this gig and it’s really fun. Got the tap shoes in action , drum synths , lots of basement effects. We could open our own pawn shop.

Wearing a buch of shit. Silk short sleeve , bought at the Village des Valleurs in Trois Rivieres for 3$ , insane neon red cape from my studiomate , Jacinthe , just added to the bracelet collection by gripping 5 thin metal ones at the Sherbrooke SallyAnn for 1.50$. General dishevelment via hours upon hours of harsh jams. Also , eating chips in bed cause that’ what I do when in a hotel.

*****Edited to add that I had a wee back and forth with Mr. Noise Park over Twitter and my post was taken to heart. He’s a self described feminist (yay!) who was actually glad to be called out and said he’d think the creator of Noise Park was a jerk for the oversight and then said that with the templates he is using to make the characters , the women came out looking really wonky. Anyway , there’s already been several ladies added including Jessica Rylan , who is one of my all time favorite musicians ever. I’m a super dorky fan girl for her. I’ll never sell my LBB , no matter how broke I may get.