Life Rules And Then You Die…..

by scroungyglammer

Heavy zones lately , constant stream of screenprinting various 2d projects (46 colour triptych almost done) and scrounging for materials that can be suitable for the new series of sculptures the beau and I have in the works for our upcoming shows in western Canada.

Our pal clued us into the Montreal Mega Reuse Centre (totally bonkers , in case you had any doubts) so we took a lil’ trip to see we could grip and use as materials.


The owls are not what they seem.

I can’t stop thinking about this giant spool or rope , no breakthrough yet though.

This guy came home with us.

So did Mister Naked No-Hands.

Our studio makes zero sense right now.

Last weekend , on my way to gallery-hop. Vintage top as a hand-me-down from my pal Jasa , blazer from Cheap Opulance, tights sales bin at Simons , special shoes from Birmingham, AL Salvation Army. They were 20$ , expensive for a thrift but too cool to pass up.Shorts are cut-offs from cords the boyfriend bought at Salvation Army , when he needed to wear white pants as part of a choir , I made the necklace , I made the the beads.

Holt Renfrew sweater , scored at Salvation Army on Notre Dame 6 years ago , scarf from a clothing swap, jeans from the devil. mask , still has it’s tag from the Value Village in Red Deer. AB , 1.50$.

Both blazer and skirt from Cheap Opulance aka my fairy godmother , sweater was gripped at the Gap I think in 2006 so I’d have something “normal” to wear to Xmas dinner at the outlaws’. It was on sale for 25$. I think it’s one of the only times I bought a new sweater. I made the friendship necklaces , shoes were from Payless in 2010. Lips in OCC Safety Orange omg it’s on sale for 8$!

I don’t have access to the backyard , just the alley but the yard of my apartment is a mudflat filled with litter and a cap for a pickup truck. none of my neighbors have a pickup, the cap’s been there since the summer.

My neighborhoodis, in one word, trashy.I call it anti-gentrification insurance.