Fake Flags of Fake Countries

by scroungyglammer

So yesterday us and the intern drove out to Saint Jean to take down our show at Action Art Actuelle and after scrunbing pasted paper off the floor on my hands and knees for a few hours , I reckoned I deserved a lil’ treat. We tried to hit the local thrifty but it has a case of the Mondays and we closed so instead we high tailed it back to the city to hit Frip-Prix , aka my special zone.

See I’m on a mission for blouses. I recently got rid of 2 garbage bags full of band tshirts (talk about the end of an era), because there was a time when ultra tight tees were cool and that time overlapped with the time that I was super skinny. I guess it also overlapped with the time of weird bands touring lots and staying at my house and giving me shirts. For a while it seemed like the boy and I where running a hostel.

At the same time I’m getting into a more severe look and blouses with high waisted bottoms are kinda perfect.I mean I can’t exactly go into the world topless now can I? Brrrr.
I mostly scan for silk and/or insane patterns. (As a vegan , I’ll only wear wool or silk if it’s second hand.)
Anyway , I lucked out on some insanity , it’s like borders of imaginary flags.

Flag blouse , Frip_prix 4.99$ , leggings from Simons’ 20$ , Cape from Cheap Opulance and that red fringe is an acrylic botton up poncho I gripped at Jacinthe’s clothing swap. Lips , OCC lip tar in Safety Orange , this shade is discontinued but can be gripped at the link.
About that cape , it’s reversible & is the greatest coat ever. Plus last weekend i saw an old lady in the village wearing the same one. I love that I can wear ponchos under it without looking lumpy.


I guess it’s cause since I started selling shit on Etsy , I’ve been trolling around looking at stuff other people make but I’m been catching the bug and making a few things myself. I mean things that aren’t art. Anyway , I guess this is more assembling cause all I did to make this necklace was buy a strand of stone beads , restring them on some stainless steal beading wire and add a clasp. Gives me a new necklace for under 6$. Vintage tie dye tank full of holes swapped from my buddy Daniel , lips in OCC Pretty Boy.