Don’t Bother Asking Why A Pattern Never Cries

by scroungyglammer

“Patterns multiplying
re-direct our view
endless variations
make it all seem new” – Devo “Patterns”

I’m not thinking of patterns in the same way as the men from Akron .
The dress I’m wearing is the only good thing that happened in Trois Rivieres. Villae des Valeurs , in the Hallowe’en section 7$. Vintage coat from Frip-Prix , same with the scarf 10$ & 1$. I made the scrunchie and necklaces cause I’m soooo crafty. Actually I’m not scrafty at all but whateves.

A better look at the dress + cummerbund from Tarantula Sisters’ free bin. As You can see from the pic bellow , I’m all about cummerbunds lately , it’s where I stash my pastry collection. Texture tights from Simons’ , vintage bracelets 1$ each. Wearing OCC lip tar in Katricia. Booties , Osborn. Doesn’t the hallway at my studio seem glam?

Ginger nails , cause you need patterns on your fingers too. Sinful Colors in Mint Apple topped with Sinful Colors in the sripe bottle , to lazy to see what it’s actually called. Both were 99¢ at Walgreens , in Chigaco. Ni idea where to buy it here.

Ok , now we are talking serious patterns. And serious bitch face , seriously , I have no idea why I’m so often squinting , it’s like my eyes are allergic to any natural light. My entire outfit here is all Cheap Opulance, Sarah is my fairy godmother or something but she won’t come over to Ville Emard. It’s ok , the cats are scary. Mmmm so she gripped me this blouse at a vintage sale I missed ’cause life was being stupid. Can’t tell how much it comes out in the internet-world-land but dig the collar! It’s so odd. She said it’s a Chloe blouse and I , Chloe, have to agree. The cummerbund and skirt were both raided from her warehouse. Earrings 50¢ from Cainon , I’ve had them for a decade. Tights from Simons, 5$. Lips , Butch from OCC .

I got that shirt at the clothing swap I wrote about. Black cardi I’ve had since the dawn of time comes from the Sally Ann in Notre Dame , black maxi skirt I’ve been wearing all winter is from Frip-Prix , 4$. Belt from Cheap Opulance. Lip Tar in Pretty Boy. Necklace is 3 different crappy ones put together, earrings are a giftmas gift from the M.I.L. Oh look at the pattern I painted on my living room wall.

Currently applying for several residencies , grants and exhibitions and it’s sooooo boring and stressful. Swimming under a pile of paper , my future hinging on a project description.
Or so it seems right now. Honestly, I’d kill to be an “art star” only ’cause then you can do whatever you want & I *think* at that point other people fill the paper work out…

Trying to sell as many prints as possible
to fund the giant outdoor piece that is freaking me out. Crossing my fingers and toes for CALQ or the Canada Council to say “Yeah”!