Who Gives a Fuck if The World is a Drag?

by scroungyglammer

Life’s been kinda problematic lately , all I can do is shrug and wear pyjamas in public. Right?
Today I became addicted to Pinterest , here I am. Otherwise on the hard scrounger hustle to get various projects done and dig myself out from under.

I’m having a bake sale / print sale at the studio on Sunday. It’s my first time selling baked good to raise money to make (giant disposable) art (that needs to be freighted across the country), who knows I may even start my own lemonade stand one day. Dreamin’ big.

Last week I was setting up an art show , again. Skirt, random thrifty, somewhere in the south , maybe outside Atlanta? I really don’t remember but it was 4$. Blouse & belt from Cheap Opulance aka best in the world. I made friendship necklaces for myself , my own bff , using some of my silkscreened paper beads and the inspiration from Honestly WTF, tights from Winners.

Blouse gripped from a by-the-pound thrifty is Las Cruces ,NM . It was less than a buck. Paper bead necklace made by me , the queen of the spazzes. Shorts from Cheap Opulance, my main enabler , tights Winners discount bin. This was at the artist residency. A previous artist left this painting of an emaciated
burnt body (?) on the wall. I really have no fucking clue.

On the fire escape , no worries my apartment wasn’t on fire. Occ Lip Tar in Safety Orange on the mouth. Coat & sweater dress both from Frip-Prix 10 and 6$ respectively. Betsey Johnson tights fom the Bay discount bin 1.66$! I felt Like I won a prize. Slouchy socks from a synagog sale 50¢ , necklace Jess found on the street , Osborn vegan booties. I noticed Osborn don’t seem to be producing vegan shoes anymore (booooo!) and I gotta say i feel kinda betrayed (boo!). Check out Siamese Dream if you are looking for handmade VEGAN shoes with a similar vibe. Some are kinda too crunchy but they have quite a few lovelies and the price is fucking right on!

This what I mean by wearing pjs in public but I guess with a blazer it;s not that bad. Just a typical scene in Ville Emard , ignore the shoes I know they look moronic. Gay Beast t , rip , blazer from Cheap Opulance , vintage leggings from Local 23, 10$. Moronic shoes from a street vendor in Paris, 8€.No , I’m not drunk. In fact I don’t drink at all.

Dancing with my cat on the bed , way too hyper after test driving chocolate cookies for my bake sale (please come!) , I don’t know what I think I’m doing. Threadless shirt by Meg Hunt that I got for free when WE did our curated Threadless t ,pink jeans I got at Urban Outfitters for 10 bucks and weird wrap belt that the boy bought me at the Salvation Army in Austin that looks like a weird tail in this terribly unflattering pic. Genki , my cat is unimpressed.

And that’s what I wore this week.