Watching Paint Dry

by scroungyglammer

Let’s make a scrunchies. Are they cool? No idea but I’ve been thinking about them lots. The Boy “reminds me of the girls in my elementary school.” Ok.

Perhaps you have a chunk of cool fabric hanging around your studio that you tried and failed to make patches with?
And perhaps you are waiting for the paint to dry?

So cut some fabric and make a rectangle as long and thick as you feel is right. Sew it up the side.

Sew it on the other side as well. I’m not sure why but it seems like a good idea.

Turn your tube insideout! It will look like a vulva?

Cut some elastic , I used just enough to fit around my wrist, then pull it through your tube.

Sew the ends of your elastic together , almost done!

Sew the ends of the tube together. I folded one on itself to make a small seam , then fit the other end inside and sew it up. It’s ok if it’s wonky.


Glam or ridiculous? Both. Hello Lucy Moran.

Did you know these “African” prints are actually Dutch made , copying Indonesian design?
Neither did I. Alfred Sung silk blazer from Cheap Opulance
, silk blouse my birthday gift to myself from Frip-Prix for 5$ , necklace from Nutcase Fashion still , I can’t stop wearing it. Earring 50¢ from a garage sale. Lip, OCC lip tar in Tarred.

Close-up of bracelet made by Sarah, it’s a friendship bracelet made from chain!
Various Barry M nailpolish shades.