Fire The Patriarchy

by scroungyglammer

On this International Women’s Day , I keep hearing about celebration on the CBC but I certainly don’t see anything to celebrate. Right now in the US , the religious right has launched an all out war on women.

In Arizona the senate wants to allow doctors to lie about birth defects to prevent abortions.

A group of misogynist evangelical freaks have pushed in legislation for invasive, humiliating & unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasound, evidently to punish women seeking abortion in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Ohio wants to pass a bill to declare embryos “people”.

The very fact that the Blunt amendment was even on the table.

It all makes me despair about the future of reproductive rights in Canada with our current conservative regime.

Generally pro-lifers/ anti-choicers/ raging misogynists (yes , women can be misogynists too) use the term pro-abotion to denigrate the pro-choice movement. Often one hears the phrase “I am not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice”.

I however, am pro-abortion. I’m pro-abortion because I don’t think there should be financial barriers to access and I think all healthcare plans, state and private should cover the costs as they would for any other medical procedure. I’m pro-abortion because I don’t believe age should be a barrier to access or that minors should require parental consent. I’m pro-abortion because I believe all women and girls faced with an unwanted pregnancy should have access to this legal medical procedure without shame, judgement , harassment or condescension. I’m pro-abortion because I believe that women and girls should get to make the call on when/if they will become mothers.

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