You May Think These are the Finnest Pearls But They Are Only Cardboard Balls

by scroungyglammer

Seemed in glue.

So I’m an artist who works with screen printing , that means I have lots of printed scrap paper. You always have to use some scraps to get the ink flow going after you wet down your screen. So with my surplus of brightly colored paper garbage I figured I’d made some paper beads.

The red, teal and polka dots come from our most recent piece at Action Art Actuel.

During the set up. Dress is from a Salvation Army in the suburbs of Calgary , it’s long and acrylic and cost 5$ , Sarah worked some sewing magic so it wouldn’t fit like a sack. Vintage beret from Frip-Prix in Verdun. Wearing OCC lip Tar in Reverb.

I’m sick and have been housebound for the past 2 days , chugging herbal tea, watching The Sopranos and coughing, lil’ old Genki hasn’t left my side for a moment. He pretty much always chills between the pillows or on a box full of records in our office.