Tradesy – A Scrounger’s Delight

by scroungyglammer

A part of the boy and I’s ongoing climb towards legitimacy as artists we had one of our main ladies do up a clean and professional site for Seripop and I moved our print store over to Etsy (you can’t be a legit artist and hawk band posters on your website). The problem with Etsy is that there are so many fabulous makers and vintage sellers , I find myself wanting to spend faster than I can earn. not a good position for a broke-ass scrounger to be in. Enter the trade , my favorite invention of all time.In exchange for prints In the past I’ve gotten clothes, shoes, art supplies, concert tickets , records, books, meals, haircuts, photography and a secondhand Iphone. Thanks pals! Now if only my dentist or landlord where into prints..

Anyway and first Etsy trade just went down and I scored pretty hardcore.I swapped with Connie of Nutcase Fashion and got a fabulous necklace, even the jadded beau said “Whoa! That looks fucking insane.” Those are some major words of approval from him.
Her pieces are over-the-top in the best way & take simple outfits and make them look loud.

Check it out:
My rubbish photography really doesn’t do this necklace justice , you should really head over to her Etsy shop to drool.

With Friday’s outfit. Blouse was gripped at the Villages des Valleurs in Saint Jean, silk, snake print, 5$, score. Jeans & brass belt are from the Gap, boxing day sale 12$ and 4$. It’s slushy out so I’m wearing my vegan Docs daily. Really pleased with the quality on those. Gripped them in town at X20, they were 135$ and worth every penny. One of the bracelets was bought from a street vendor during an African music festival and I liked it so much I ordered another 5 from Senegal Style on Ebay for 10$, postpaid.
Lipstick is Beta Liptar from OCC , it’s a light neon orange. Nails are in Orange Knockout from China Glaze and Mushroom from Barry M . Both brands are vegan and 3 free. When I was at David’s opening I told him the brown polish was poop.

Bracelets up close.

My nails look pretty busted up close , I guess that’s what you get when you paint ’em while eating breakfast and reading The Hairpin.

Saturday I wore my necklace again to hit the galleries and then hit the press. By 11pm i was loosing my mind. Cardigan and belt (“a crown for you waist!”) from Cheap Opulance , skirt from Salvation Army on Notre Dame , 4$. Tshirt for my buds Yip Yip , the weirdest band in Orlando, Check em out. Lips are OCC liptar in Katricia, a slightly greyed neon purple. OCC are vegan and awesome professional makeup. Tights from Simons 5$, bracelet H&M 2$ , purple paint is a Seripop special secret mix.

Rookie mag has a lil’ article on thrifting , they call it a master class but I see as as more of a pep talk. I leave yas with a few Yip Yip videos.