Colle Blanche / Nuit Blanche

by scroungyglammer

In the past week and a half I’ve hung 2 exhibitions and got thoroughly covered in paste , in my hair , on my glasses and on my clothes. The first of the 2 was an ephemeral work that was part of Art Souterrain. Unveiled at Nuit Blanche , it ended up being slightly more ephemeral than planned. With 50 000 people trampling on it , it was almost entirey gone by the end of the night. The beau and I found it rather entertaining watching families and drunken party-goers alike going apeshit kicking and ripping our postering on the floor.

This is before any of the action started.

Eloi Desjardins has a pic from early in the night here on his blog.

We returned to document Sunday morning but there was only a janitor pushing a mop around.
Boo! The more I think of it , the more pissed I get so I’m trying not to think of it too much. The deal was, our piece was supposed to decay over 2 weeks and some idiot decided otherwise. I guess that’s a risk you take with public art.

Cue lough sigh.

And here is what I wore to confront the hordes

First I wanna talk lipstick because I love this one. It’s from Silk Naturals (5.75$) and is called XXX. It’s highly pigmented nude with cool undertones. It’s quite a bit paler than my natural lips and I find it gives a really mod/ghostly look when I pile on the eye products. I have several lipsticks from SN and they are super moisturizing. Now if only she made some orange shades …. The coat is from Frip-prix (10$) , same with the hat (99¢)- I fucking love berets so much!I got the blouse for 8$ at a small thrifty in Chapel Hill, same zone I got the shorts I’m wearing in the last pic here, shorts are old cut-offs from the boyfriend’s thrashed cords and thigh tights I gripped at Winners for 4$. Winners and Simons discount bins are where I find most of my tights. Cheap = king.

Better pic of the blouse , just lounging in the living room.

Scope them metallic tights.

Right now I’m just getting back from our opening at Action Art Actuelle in Saint Jean and recovering from the better part of the week in the suburbs. Thirfting was fruitful.