Livin’ on Nothing – Got A Stain?

by scroungyglammer

In the short amount of time since I’ve gone from looking like shit everyday to being the high priestess of scrounge-fabulousness , I’ve noticed that sometimes my “day job” as a visual artist clashes with my vocation as a dandy. I wear a labcoat with I sceenprint but still mysterious spots of paint end up on my clothes , threatening to mar my look. Well I did some google research and some practice and learned that you can get rid of latex or acrylic paint as well as most ink stains with rubbing alcohol.

1) Ideally treat the stain as quickly as possible , fresher stains are much easier to lift.

2) Soak stain(s) well in rubbing alcohol, I pour a bit into a tiny dish and let it soak an hour or so.

3) Rub the stain with a alcohol soaked cloth or your finger nail.

4) Wash as usual.

5) Inspect stained area , if it’s gone you can move on with your life. It not treat it a second time.

Now relax and assume the position of a full time flâneur in style.