Forever Never

by scroungyglammer

I’ve mentioned a few times that the beau and I have been balls deep preparing 3 different installation works for 3 different exhibitions, well the whole rigamarole has had me often looking shlubby lately, having to sand and paint the wooden basins for one of our projects and very rarely stepping out of the studio/apartment vortex. Incidentally , I’ve had primmer on my hands for 4 days now , it will NOT scrub off.

Anyway , in search of glamour, good times and a day off we followed our buddy Tammer to Saint-Jérôme for a day trip to attend a Marcel Barbeau retrospective opening. Tammer is an art historian , critic and professor and one of his colleagues curated the show. Tammer mostly chills with other academics and doesn’t know many artists and thinks we are a much bigger deal than we actually are. That’s not why we hang out with him but it makes for some entertaining moments.

While at the opening , he introduced me to an art critic who concentrates on sculpture and installation (oh hi!) , telling her I had work in the Québec Triennial. She asked me my name, twice and than the boys name and gave me a blank look Then had me describe our piece “oh”. Long awkward silence. “And you are interested in Automatistes paintings?” “Yes, I’m into formal work and especially like Barbeau’s more harsh, graphic paintings, they look like flattened sculpture.”

See what I mean?
“Uh huh” She looks at me skeptically, followed by a second long awkward silence. At this point I wandered off.

Are artists only expected to be interested in work similar to theirs? I fel it’s important to have a broad view on contemporary and art historical works. I also find regional movements interesting as they are something that don’t really exist anymore. I feel with artists of my generation and younger , we are really working and showing work in an entirely different context than our antecedents. Everyone now posts a portfolio online way before ever exhibiting, because of this we have shown in Paris , Brussels , Chicago and Madison before showing in Montreal.

Equally interesting were the frankly bizarre amateur works in the lobby. A museum staffer were eager to let us know that these pieces had nothing to do with the museum.

What the fuck? More than half of the local amateur works has floating heads but this one was my favorite for obvious reasons.

This is what I wore to the opening.
Trying to show off the pain(t) on my hands but it’s hard to see. I love this dress I got from Cheap Opulance , I think I actually look classy. Same cummerbund as the other day , tights from Simon’s and shoes I gripped at a Salvation Army in Birmingham, Alabama after suffering through the worst gig ever of my life. Seriously it sucked so hard that we went thrifting twice the day after AND ate at Waffle House just to try to lift the heavy gloom vibes. It was at a DIY space and the couple who set up the gig seemed to resent us being there & would barely talk to us, the 2 local bands meanwhile ( both straight ahead indie rock) left before us or Olson played, no music at all between the bands and the audience was 3 people, one who hit me twice while I was trying to sing. I think we cut our set off after 5 songs and went, shell shocked, to our Motel 6 to watch horror movies and be severely bummed out. At least I got some shoes in that town. Bangels from various thriftys in Austin , Brooklyn and Phoenix. Each 1$. Lips are wearing OCC lip tar in Katricia.

Shoes w/ test print.

This is what I wore Friday as we were planning to go to a gig after working but we left after 20 minutes cause of burn out. I couldn’t deal.Wearing my wildlife blouse from Cheap Opulance , jeans from Urban Outfitters , Vegan bla bla docs are my favorite winter shoes, blazer from the Salvation Army on Notre Dame for 5$ , the sequined footballer patch is from Cheap Opulance (notice a theme?). Earrings from H&M, 2$. I should clean my living room , get those records put away.

Primer hands.

Wednesday’s outfit. Cardi from Sally Ann in Calgary 4$, sweater Frip-Prix Renaissance 5$ , shorts from a thrifty in Chapel Hill, NC for 75¢, the guy working there was really stoked on Val and I , tights from Winners , awesome necklace the boy bought me in Paris. My glasses had to much paint on them to wear in the last 2 pics.