Demographic Of One

by scroungyglammer

Today’s post title comes from my pal Brian Miller’s Twitter feed and pretty much sums up how I see the world. This weekend on the internet has been a crash course in how most of my friends and acquaintances are very interested in pop music. I always though pop was just the background sounds when you are at the grocery store or gym (to paraphrase Miles Davis I’m a no iPod owning motherfucker) that you try your best to block out to prevent that tricky parasite, the earworm. Lo and behold, I seem to in the minority of my cohort to see pop as an mental/auditory of equivalent of smog. You learn something new every day.

What I don’t do everyday is wear a pineapple mask.

Mask , borrowed from my studiomate (shhht!) , both sweater (2.50$) and skirt (2$) from Goodwill in Mississauga , evil eye medallion (20$), gripped from a creepy botanica in Austin.

I felt very Lucy Moran in this outfit. Loving the ultra-bright but frumpy styles with skirts almost hitting the ankles.

2 coats of Wet n’ Wild Saved by the Blue w/ orange.A few spots of black silkscreen ink too.

In other news, Cambridge University physicists study the ponytail for reason no one understands.