I’m An Artist, I Have Lumber.

by scroungyglammer

In the studio, balls deep working on the new installs. Feel kind of insane to have 3 shows at once but I guess this is what legitimate artist do? I mean we are living off of Carfac fees right now so chop chop!

I’m getting so much wear out of this cardigan I gripped at the Goodwill, it’s so drapey that it fits over layers without looking bulky. Here I’m wearing it over 2 plain black cardigans. 2.50$ = yesss.
Talk Normal tee , cummerbund from Tarantula Sisters, OCC lip tar in Tarred. The earrings were 25¢ at a garage sale right near the studio zone , they are silver.
You can’t see it but on my chain I have a sphinx and a mummy, gripped from a street vendor in Vienna. 5€ for both.

No sleep but lots of tea.