The Wettest, The Wildest

by scroungyglammer

2 coats of Wn’W Night Prowl topped with one coat of of Kaleidoscope.Both from the Wild Shine line. Available in Canada at Zellers & Loblaws for 1.99$ , in the US at Walgreens or CVS for 99¢.

Night Prowl is a dense fuchsia microglitter in a black jelly and is opaque in 2 coats , Kaleidoscope is sparse holographic glitter in a clear base.

Anyone who’s ever talked polish with me (or spent time in a van with me) knows about my obsession with Wet n’ Wild. I’m not the only one , Nouveau Cheap is basically a love letter to the brand & tons of other beauty bloggers give ’em props.

Now I know some of my ladies out there will be all on other more pricey brands but this is blog is about Scroungy Glamour not fancy-lady-with-10$-nailpolish-glamour. So we got really great colors , we got super cheap prices (Mega Shine is often on sale in the US for 69¢ – that’s why I grip it so hard on tour) we got 4 fucking free (formaldehyde, who fucking needs it?) and vegan ingredients , no animal testing. No vivisection for beauty!

Other bloggers talk about formula but honestly I don’t really notice much difference in my various nailpolish brands. Maybe it’s because I’m a neophyte or a spazz but I also don’t notice any brand being longer lasting than another. I mean I’m an artist/jammer , my hands are always getting janked up by loading gear , pulling prints , drawing with india ink ect. Heck that’s the main reason I took to wearing polish daily , to cover up the hot mess that is my nails on art making. I think long lasting is more about a decent base coat / top coat combo and wearing gloves while dish washing than any particular formula. I do like Wn’W’s brushes though, they make it much easier for a shaky handed caffeine addict to do a somewhat neat look manicure.

Now I just need Moskos to grip me some of the new MegaLast colors before he come back to Mtl, aka bummerville. Yes , I get my male bandmate to go on nail polish missions for me when he’s south of the border. Don’t you?