Since I have to Get out Of Bed , I’ve Taken To Wearing One

by scroungyglammer

We’re in full swing production-mode at the studio right now for 3 exhibitions hitting late Feb / early March, I feel like we’ve barely gotten back to normal after our séjour in Mississauga and it’s on all over again. I’d be sayin’ goodbye to my social life but I’m having to think REALLY hard to remember how long it’s been since I’ve had one.

It’s okay , soon I’ll drinking in the glamour at my vernissages in Trois-Rivières & Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu whilst wearing my finest gowns. Until then it’s layers on layers on layer on layers on layers on layers. I have a bottomless pile of black cardigans to pile under and over (around and through).

Vintage coat , I think 60’s (?) gripped at a Salvation Army in Lawrence, KS for 12$. Moskos had to do something boring with his phone so Olson and I went for some retail therapy. I almost had to fight an old lady in a Kansas Jayhawks sweatshirt (I think you get issued Jayhawks gear in you live in Lawrence) but she soon realized she couldn’t button the coat up over her “maracas” (her term) so grippy grips. Sweater was 5$ at Frip-Prix (my main zone). The boy picked it out for me. Gap jeans from the boxing day sale, 13$. I “made” the necklace from assembling 2 crappy Salvation Army chains and adding some stone beads. It was so bright out yesterday I though the sun was melting my eyes. No tears for the creatures of the night , indeed. Just squinting like an S.O.B.

Wearing Verve lipgloss from Silk Naturals. I haven’t pimped them yet but they are a small makeup company with a good range of vegan products. They also send you a free eyeshadow if you buy 10$ or more worth of stuff. I have a bunch of lipsticks from them , it’s my go-to for more “normal” looking colors. ‘Cause even I don’t rock neon purple or grey lips daily. The lipglosses are as moisturizing as all get out.

Today I was a witch.A studio witch.

Poncho , the boy bought it for me at Time After Time in Chapel Hill,SC – 20$. Normally I skip resale shops cause I’m a scrounger right? We had time to kill (#tour) and fuck, it’s still a bargain compared to buying new. Skirt (Eaton on the label, waves of nostalgia) 4$ at Frip-Prix , sockies were gripped from a street vendor in Manchester like 6 years ago. I bought them ’cause I used to wear identical socks for most of my goth/punk teen years and they were only 2 quid but I never wear them cause they just seem too 90’s teenager. Conundrum. Too teen or not too teen?

Test-printface so you don’t see my look of complete frustration. Printing has been a bitch from hell , the past 2 days I’ve just been fighting a losing battle with chemistry. Positive our new intern is bummed out on screen printing forever. And so she should be!