When I Was a Kid , This Is How I Imagined Myself as a Cool Adult

by scroungyglammer

Wearing big , loud sweaters and making things. The beau and I are back in production for our next 3 exhibitions and while he’s been training our new Parisian intern , Lola , I’m hustling.

I feel with our shift towards working on our installation practice that I’m more satisfied than I ever have been in my life. I’m getting to do exactly what I want , on my own terms. Now that’s not to say it isn’t difficult or often frustrating/exhausting but fuck , we are legitimate artists getting spend months creating large scale works so who can complain?

Large scale works requires money though and the grant we got back in the summer is long spent on supplies and studio rent , thus my hustle. Last Friday I set up an Etsy shop to sell our prints and posters and I’m working on running the tightest ship anyone has ever seen. Or at least the tightest ship I’ve seen. Etsy is dangerous though cause cute clothes! Cute jewels! Vintage booties! Ahh , I just turn the self control up and keep the eyes on the prize and the paypals flowing to the bank balance. The prize is of course a few pallets of paper , it’s hotel fare for our stay in Trois-Rivières , 30 some pounds of wax for one of the new sculptures and it’s rent. What a prize , a place to live. Listing, collating, shipping , re-listing and digging through our various storage units to find posters of yore that folks may wanna grip. Dealing with our old work is just so many fucking feelings and memories , it’s rather intense. I can’t even believe we drew , designed and printed so many fucking posters! There are hundreds of them. And as I sell my past, I’m balls deep in it. Retired graphic designer , retired illustrator , retired poster jerk. I’m an artist and it’s pretty cool.

Some of it feels like a lifetime ago.

We get offers to lure us back towards the odd poster here and there and grip what we have time for and are inclined towards but I’d give an eye tooth to do a poster for an opera company or some sick 21st century composer. I don’t think that demographic wants screenprinted posters though.

Wearing a vintage Esprit sweater full of Lucy Moran vibes that I gripped from my studiomate Jacinthe at the clothing swap she hosted , leggings from Johnny Brown , a local dance wear company , paid 20$ 6 years ago, PVC Converse were comped to me by a PR firm when the Wolf played CMJ in 2010. For some reason our no-profile noise rock band gets us comped jeans and sneaks ever so often. Getting free shit makes me feel like I’m winning at life. Braided chain was gripped at a Value Village somewhere in the hinterlands of Manitoba when we were on tour with Shearing Pinx a few years ago , the turquoise pendant was bought from a street vendor in Vienna this past summer . It was 5€. Bracelet h&m , 2$.
Lips are OCC lip tar in Katricia, eyes, MAC eyeshadow in Orange. Cruelty Free Face has a good list of vegan products from MAC (and is the starting point for vegan cosmetics in general), you can also email them about specifics. They are helpful if kind of slow to respond.
Stephen King in hand for Val , shopping till dropping at the triftys of Carrboro, NC.

Behind me , the start of some new work , drying in the racks.

Makeup. My office is dark.