Livin’ On Nothing – Rose Water as a Toner , Rose Water as a Condiment

by scroungyglammer

Is it a beauty product or is it food?

Because of it’s multidisiplinarity, rose water is a perfect part of the scrounger’s arsenal. First of it’s cheap as fuck. You can grip a bottle for under 5$ at your local South Asian or Midle Easter market , or at better stoked supermarkets or health food stores , usually in baking supplies or ethnic foods sections. My bottle was 2.49$ in my regular fruiterie/Indian zone on Monk ave (Ville Emard shout out!).

Now personally , I have found rose water to be pretty freaking sweet on my combination skin. I swipe my face with a soaked cotton ball after washing and it stays soft and not greasy. I also put some in little travel spray bottle to set my mineral makeup if I’m wearing a heavy load (glam times) or on my hair before braiding/bunning it. It smells lovely but that fades after about an hour. Or until I spritz again. (It also helps take that nasty henna smell out of hair.)

Now let’s say you try it and don’t dig it?
Well a) if was only 2.49$ and b) you can use it to make cookies or lemonade. Sounds like a total scrounger win. You can’t do that with the toner you bought at the drugstore can you? For heaven’s sake , I hope you don’t.

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