‘fore they take m’ life ‘fore they take m’ wild life

by scroungyglammer

2 types of wildlife in the bedzones:

A hundred thousands head kisses to Sarah of Cheap Opulance for hooking me up with the best blouse in the history of humanity. I spotted in her studio this afternoon , after cleaning my own & few studio visits , just a wee lil’ polyester turkey peeking out of the rack. Tried it on and it looks pretty good on my rack.

Another lazy night in , I just can’t face the elements after a simple trip to the supermarket took 2 hours. I gues the rest of Montreal is clueing in that P.A is a scrounger’s paradise of 10 mangoes for 5$. It was some serious Mad Max action in the zone.

Thanks to my girl Jess for the necklace. She found it in a pile on the side of the road ,doesn’t get more glam than that.