Friday Night : Envy & Lemon.

by scroungyglammer

One of the perks of being a fulltime scrounger is that without a job , I feel no pressure re:weekends. So what if it’s Friday night? It’s cold out and I’m gonna chill wearing a leotard, listen to freejazz ,draw , update my Etsy shop and do my fucking nails. If I feel ambitious later I might work on becoming a clean person and get rid of the henna stains in the tub or bake some fucking muffins.

Wearing Envy by Sinful Colors (who incidentally , should really update their fucking website). It’s vegan , 3 free and CHEAP. I don’t have the foggiest where one might grip it in Montreal , I usually update my stash while on tour and grab that shit at Walgreens where it’s often on sale for 99 cents. At full price it’s 1.99$.

The pinecone was also a tour score , found at a rest stop in Albama (no place to be a noise jammer but few places are). You might have seen him in my van.

You want more vegan nail polish ? The ladies at the PPK made a list to end all lists.