Did I Ask You To Witness My Shame? ‘Cause I Swear I Have None.

by scroungyglammer

I you told me 3 years ago that I’d end up a makeup hoarder I’d laugh weakly, shake my head and walk away. Yet here I am , and here is my mess of a makeup drawer.

For years I wore no makeup at all. Oh I had exactly one lipstick, a few crumbled eyeshadows and some MAC Studiofix that I pull out once a year or so in half-assed attempts to look more polished. As a scrounger I was so used to being broke that I just kinda forced myself to stop caring how I looked for a good 8 years , while trying to figure out how to be a full time artist/jammer. At least I didn’t have to have a job right?

Anyway around the time I turned 30 I decided I’m care and then exactly 2 years ago I figured , what the heck what not try wearing makeup? After poking around searing for something vegan that was getting good reviews on makeupalley I came across Everyday Minerals. And if you look at the photo of my absurdly messy makeup drawer , I came across them again and again and again. And again.

It’s an all vegan brand free of any creeper chemistry, the prices are excellent , so is the quality , and they have free samples and different promos and specials all the time that appeal to your scrounger instincts.The formulas are pretty much fool proof and the shades wearable plus the brushes!So lovely. They don’t have tons of super dramatic shades (I tend to grip those from OCC ) but they have all the basics and then some. Except for mascara, oh hi Zuzu Luxe

Even when I pretending to not be wearing makeup , I never leave the house without a thin layer of EDM base in Sandy Fair and some of their Multitasking Concealer. It makes my skin look pretty much perfect (hello porcelain face) and erases the traces of my insomnia all night tea drinking and plotting.

I also love their various kits (in the color:new to see kits and new shades) because not only do you get a bunch of stuff for cheap , but it made me try (and get hooked on) products I wouldn’t have bought on their own. I never expected to own so many blushes or to be so into wearing bronzer.


Just one of the many disasters in my house.

Anyway i though I’d let whoever is reading this know that right now that they are having an insane deal wher you can get 15 eyeshadows in little roll-on thingers for 20$. !6 if you enter the promo code “Hot”. I’d leap on it myself except I already have 3/4 of the shades in that kit. If you are going to order from them, grip the free samples , you will be addicted. One word about the eyeshadow and concealer roll-ons , they are kinda hard to get flowing at first so I knock my again a table or whatever is close by and hard. Sometimes my wrist. They are pretty much the best thing ever for sticking in your purse and bringing everywhere