At Somepoint We All Have To Leave The House

by scroungyglammer

Valérie Blass – Touche du bois -2009

Last night the boy & I met up with our pals Felix and Karine to check out the Valérie Blass opening at MACM. Blass is one of my favorite sculptors with her work infused with this air of the uncanny yet still maintaining a sense of humor. Plus fashion references! Probably a first , using jeggings in art.

Valérie has her studio in the same building as us and everytime I’m in the hallway , doing something really fucking gross ( de-maggoting the garbage bin for example), covered in paint & sweat , smelling like emulsion remover , I’ll bump into her smiling in the hallway. And I die a little bit of embarrassment each time.

Anyway , I didn’t go to the opening naked , although I don’t think I was doing “drama face” until I got home and glued the paper orbs under my eyes.

Vintage blouse (4.99$) from my zone Frip-Prix , same with the skirt (3.99$) which is ankle length and is originally from the late great department store, Eatons. Beret is also vintage and was 99 cents. My beau bought me the wood, glass and alumminium necklace at this jewelers shop when were were in Paris for an art show in 2010. It was 20€. That button cover on my top button was hiding in a giant bag of buttons I bought a a thrifty in Iowa City on my band’s last tour. Lips are OCC lip tar in Dangerous (discontinued) , eyes , Everyday Minerals in Butterfly Kisses. Mascara in the vegan holy grail , Zuzu Luxe.

Same fucking belt from Vegetarian Shoes that started looking like shit after 2 weeks of wear. You’s never guess by how used up it looks but I bought it in November. Bummer zones

****Disclaimer on my veganess :I’m vegan. I don’t eat animal products , use cosmetics tested on animals or containing animal by-products. I don’t wear leather ever, or anything containing down and I’m brokenhearted that fur is trending lately. I won’t buy wool or silk new BUT I will buy them vintage. Reduce, reuse, recycle bla bla bla. It’s a personal issue that not all vegans see eye to eye on but I’d rather buy cheap vintage than more expensive new items anyday. Plus I’m generally into keeping things out of landfill. I don’t claim to represent all vegans, just myself.**************