Whatever I Wear Is Often Rumpled.

by scroungyglammer

Look, I have a pallet. It’s pretty warm in the studio lately, kinda shocking to not have to wear multiple layers indoors during a Montreal winter. That said , I’m looking for a studiomate so if you are an artist in Montreal looking for a laid back work space in Mile End full of chillers , get in touch.

Ok. Wearing blouse from Frip-Prix Renaissance, shorts are cut off from the boyfriend’s cast off cords he bought at the Salvation Army 9 years ago , tights from Winners , boots are vegan Docs , belt by Vegetarian Shoes (honestly , I’m less than thrilled with it). Long necklace was found in the elevator , short one was made by my pal Courtney. It’s got a cat on it.

Lipstick is OCC lip tar in Pretty Boy. If you haven’t gripped any OCC yet, get with the fucking program. The entire line is vegan, free of weird chemistry and they have the most amazing selection of colours plus it lasts for hours. You can snack away or stick a microphone in your face without it budging. Shipping to Canada from OCC is expensive so I order it from Suite 7 Beauty. Order some now , thank me later. Seriously , best lipsticks ever.