Nail Polish For The Damned

by scroungyglammer

I tried to convince Genki to help me show off the new mani  but he was not stoked and ran away.

Him and Georges were just like “WTF you insaniac lady!?”

So I tried a lil’ scratching , awkward as fuck to photogragh.

Then the perfect solution dawned on me:

Yes , it says “nihilist” on my wrist. I know, I know.

I’m wearing China Glaze in “Crushed Candy” over Barry M in “Chocolate Brown”. My topcoat is ALWAYS Seche Vite. All brands are vegan friendly. China Glaze and Barry M are both 3-free while Seche has some nasty chemicals in it but it WORKS SO WELL!

I love crackle nails because as a scrounger , my polish takes a serious beating and with crackles it’s easy to touch it up and keep a manicure going for 5 or 6 days with it looking too nasty.

If you are a spazz like I am you get polish all over your fingers. Take a acetone soaked q-tip or  dedicated eyeshadow brush and clean that shit up.  Have some dignity! Wiping your nails with vinegar before you put on your basecoat will keep stuff in place longer.